CSS3 Animation of Background Colour


There are many websites which are used one solid colour since the flat web design has been a new trend. However, I think some of you got bored of it already. Why don’t you try something new? In this article, I’ll share how to animate background colours using CSS3 animation.
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Creating Accessible Drop-Down Menus


You’ll see a drop-down navigation menu in many websites. It is easy to follow if it’s categorized clearly, and also web designers like to use it because we can save the spaces. However, normal drop-down menus cannot be accessible by tab key. Let’s think about drop-down menus by accessibility perspective.
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Useful CSS Text Effects


Mobile-first design is getting more and more important in today’s world. We need to make each web page comfortable to read. So I collected some CSS text effect snippets for both decoration and usability improvements.
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The Basic Idea of Symmetrical Design


Symmetry is one of the most useful techniques when you design. Symmetry has been used in various situations since ancient times to create balance and harmony. I will focus on symmetry in this article and think how to use it for your design.
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Handy Dummy Text and Image Generators


When we are designing a brand new website, most times we insert dummy text or photos to make mockup looks finished. Today I will share dummy text and images generators. Let’s use them to save your time!
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How to Make a Zombie Face Using Photoshop


It has been for about 7 years for me to stay in Japan in summer… It’s hot hot hot everyday… So I decided to create a horror image to scare away the summer heat. I changed a normal woman face to zombie by Photoshop. Let’s try it!
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