What Are UX Designers Actually Doing?


Recently, I often see web companies are hiring “UX Designers” rather than “Web Designers” on job boards. I was curious to know what the average UX designers are doing and the difference between UX designers and web designers. I researched a job description of UX designers and what kind of skill sets are needed for them.
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35 Best Free Fonts Released in 2015


In 2015, dozens of new fonts have been going live. I picked up some of great free fonts which you can use for both personal and commercial. I hope you’ll find your favourite one!
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Skills a Web Designer And Web Developer Need


I’m recently working as a career adviser at Frog, which is a study abroad agency specialized in Web/IT industry for Japanese web designers and developers based in Vancouver, Canada. Then I often asked “What kind of skills do I need to work there?” or “How many years of work experience do I need?”. Therefore, I researched over 300 job postings on several job boards. I hope this article will help you!
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Free Fonts, Icon Sets and Inspiration for Cute Designs


I think female designers grew up with the sense to design cute and adorable style. However, it would be a bit difficult for male designers to design these style. No problem, you’ll create girlish designs using below fonts, illustrations and colour schemes! All of them below are free to use both personal and commercial purposes :)
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CSS3 Animation of Background Colour


There are many websites which are used one solid colour since the flat web design has been a new trend. However, I think some of you got bored of it already. Why don’t you try something new? In this article, I’ll share how to animate background colours using CSS3 animation.
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Creating Accessible Drop-Down Menus


You’ll see a drop-down navigation menu in many websites. It is easy to follow if it’s categorized clearly, and also web designers like to use it because we can save the spaces. However, normal drop-down menus cannot be accessible by tab key. Let’s think about drop-down menus by accessibility perspective.
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Useful CSS Text Effects


Mobile-first design is getting more and more important in today’s world. We need to make each web page comfortable to read. So I collected some CSS text effect snippets for both decoration and usability improvements.
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