Basic Logo Design Process

A brand is the idea or image of a specific company, product or service. Especially company logo makes people recognize your business, the quality, identity and who you are. Here are some insights into the process and workflow of effective logo design.

A few days ago, I read some interesting article which tells about logo design.

We re-design a website if our users cannot understand what we want to tell them through it. However, we don’t re-design our logo so often. It is because the logo is not for our users. It is the symbol of our philosophy and ideas for us, which is not be changed easily.

Nodded. Let’s have a look a Nike’s logo mark on the basis of that idea.

Nike logo
The Nike “Swoosh” logo represents the wing in the famous statue of the Greek Goddess of victory, Nike. But can anyone understand it’s a wing of Nike after just one look? If designer wants people to know it is a wing, the shape would be more specific.
Basically the logo represents “what it should be ” rather than “what it wants to be thought”.

Logo Design Process

1. Brainstorming

Let’s start to design a logo. A better way to start is to write down words about you, your company, or your service as many as you can. Cool, kind, beautiful, peace, calm, whatever is ok.

I will show you how my logo was born for example. First I listed words that I like or that I want to be.

  • Girl
  • Elegant
  • Flower
  • Spring
  • Butterfly
  • Blue, White

When I was thinking of my logo, I found that there is an island named “Mana” which is the same as my first name in Fiji. And there is a “Box of Blessings” as the legend of Mana. This is it! I came up with the idea and started to design a logo using “Box of Blessings”.

2. Sketching

Starting to design with a paper and pencil will be easier to come up with good idea before you start to sit in front of your computer. If you have some apps that I mentioned “How to Create a Website Using Only iPad“, it’s good time to use.

I replaced “Blessings” with butterfly because I love a butterfly and I will be happy when I see it.

3. Going Digital

Scan a design on paper and use our preferred vector software like Illustrator to digitize it. The reason why you need to make it vector graphics is because vectors can be enlarged or reduced, to any size, with no loss in detail or sharpness.

4. Color Schemes

Color Schemes
You should decide the main colour at the first stage, but you can adjust the other colours and schemes when you victorized your logo. There are good colour scheme ideas on COLOURlovers.

I have chosen blue and white that I like for main colour from the beginning but used lighter blue to make it softer.

5. Typeface

Let’s think about typeface at the same time as the color scheme. Never underestimate the impact of typography. Consider the typeface to match with a logo symbol.

6. Colour Versions

Colour Versions
After you’ve made your logo with colour, consider how it will look with a black background and black and white versions.

  • Colour
  • Colour + Black background
  • Black and White
  • Black and White + Black background

Logo Design Gallery and Interesting Articles

Some great websites for your inspiration :)

Please share if you know beautiful logos and good idea of logo design process!