How to Transform a Man to a Pretty Girl Using Photoshop

We are always amazed by Photoshop. It’s really easy to remove something on a photo, or make a perfect body shape. Today I’m gonna try to transform a man to a pretty shiny girl! You can use these techniques for girls of course :)

Source Image

Source Image
I used this photo. He is a freelance web director, Tatsuya Ookawa. He is also well known as a stock photo model.

OK Let’s get started! I used Mac Photoshop CS6 by the way.

1. Skin

At first make a photo brighter from Image > Adjustments > Levels.

Content Aware
Remove eye bags and an adam’s apple using Efit > Fill > Content Aware. If there are spotty area, blend them using a patch tool or Clone stamp tool.

2. Eyes

Select Filter > Liquify and make eyes bigger. Brush size will be about the same size as eye balls.

Eye shadow
Create a new layer. Choose a brush tool and set opacity to 30%, paint eyelid and the corner of eyes with white.

Emphasis eyes with black eye line.

Draw eyelashes with 3px black brush. blur tip of eyelashes with blur tool to make them natural.

white shine
Moisturize them with white brush. Opacity 30%. And blur them by Filter > Blur > Gaussian blur.

3. Lips

Select lips and duplicate it using Command + J . Filter > Blur > Gaussian blur to remove lines. Make the center of lips brighter with Dodge Tool. Set a layer style to Overlay and opacity 70%.

4. Cheek

Create a new layer. Set foreground colour to #ff9900 and add colour on cheek. Layer opacity is 70%.

5. Hair Style

Hair style
Add hair image that I’ve prepared.

add hair
Select some of hair and paste it to empty area.

Create a new layer below hair layer. Add some shadow with opacity 30% brush.

6. Background

Add a girlish flower image to the background.

Add text. Text colour is white, select outer glow and set a colour to #ff6699.

Add stones to a background, text and hair.

Let’s create an original brush. Open new canvas with 160×160 size and draw black line. Blur the edge by Filter > Blur > Motion blur.

Duplicate that layer and rotate 90 degree. Then duplicate them and make them smaller. Draw a bit on a center to blur them.

Edit > Define brush preset and create an original brush. Select that brand new brush and set brush panel:

  • Brush tip shape – Spacing 80%
  • Shape dynamics – Size jitter 100%
  • Scattering – Scatter 600%

After setting up a brush tool, draw with it on a new layer.


Adjust small things if you need… then finish!

Before and after!

Enjoy making movie as well :)