Photoshop Tutorial – Water Effect Photo Montage

I will write articles about Photoshop this year! This chapter shares how to add water effect with a girl. You will make similar photos using other elements like fire, leaves or flowers following this tutorial.

Final result. It's used 3 different images.

Final result. It’s used 3 different images.

I created a tutorial video. I hope it helps you to know the process.

1. Collect Images

Images of a girl and water splash are from Fotolia, an image of water with bubble is from DiviantArt.

2. Skin


Create a new canvas. Size is 500×600.

Place an image of a girl at the centre of a canvas. Trace her skin with a pen tool.

Display her skin only

Click on a thumbnail icon of shape layer with a command key (use a control key if you are using Windows OS). Then select a layer of a girl and click on a mask icon to show her skin only.

Adjust her skin colour to blueish using Image > Adjustments > Color Balance (Command + B). Set a colour level to around -100, +20, +70.

Change a layer style to Inner glow and set a size to 15.

3. Add Water Splash

Add water splash images. Set the layer blending mode to Multiply.

Show her arm using a mask.

Use free transform tool or warp tool and keep adding.

4. Add a Background

Add a water image at the bottom of layers and set opacity to 70%.

Create a new layer on a water image. Set foreground colour to white and add a gradation from her face.

Final Result


Hmm it looks awesome!

Photoshop Tutorials Using Water Effect

There are some more water effect tutorials!

Let’s try this photo montage using your images and I hope you also feel Photoshop is fun!