How to Make Polar Panorama Photo Like King Kaio Planet

Using Photoshop, you can make polar panorama photo just like King Kaio planet from Dragon Ball ;) It sounds fun doesn’t it? There are only 4 steps to do that!

Step by Step

First, take or find a panorama photo.

1. Change image size from Image > Image Size and make a perfect square. In this example, I changed from 2000 x 497 to 2000 x 2000.

2. Rotate image from Image > Image Rotation >180°

3. Create a planet from Filter > Distort > Polar Coordinates. Select Rectangular to polar and click OK.

4. Use blur filter or patch tools to make photo natural and finish!

Try Some Photos

Make a photo of Perth to planet…

Many buildings are stuck on it.

A night view of Manhattan…

Looks weird black something.

Opera house in Sydney…

Looks so cool 8)

Add More Effects

It would look much better when you add more effect to that planet especially inside of it. Lets see great examples!
Botanical Garden (Stereographic)

By Martin_Heigan

Rotušės aikštė

By P a U L i u S


By gadl

Eiffel planet

By gadl

An eyeball in the sky

By heiwa4126

A planet with high-rise

By heiwa4126


By spdorsey

Tatsumi Sakura Bashi

By heiwa4126

Vancouver polar panorama

By Morten Rand-Hendriksen

Please try it if you have a panorama photo! ;)