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35 Best Free Fonts Released in 2015

In 2015, dozens of new fonts have been going live. I picked up some of great free fonts which you can use for both personal and commercial. I hope you’ll find your favourite one!
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Free Fonts, Icon Sets and Inspiration for Cute Designs

I think female designers grew up with the sense to design cute and adorable style. However, it would be a bit difficult for male designers to design these style. No problem, you’ll create girlish designs using below fonts, illustrations and colour schemes! All of them below are free to use both personal and commercial purposes :)
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Free Decorative Fonts for Commercial Use 20

There are a lot of creative and decorative fonts that will be good for a catchlines or headings. Today I’ll share a collection of free fonts for commercial use which were carefully chosen by the licence. You can use them for your client works or things that you are going to sell. Enjoy!
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Free “Japanese-ish” Fonts 10 + 1


One of my co-workers said that Japanese characters look like a picture or symbol. I’ve never thought that way but I agreed with it because Arabic or Korean characters look like that for me. And I found some cool fonts, which look like Japanese characters or inspired by Japan. All fonts that I share today are free!
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