Easy Ways to Reduce Noise in Your Images

In general, images taken in a dark place have got noise easily. It is a bit tricky when you edit images. Photoshop has a function of “Reduce noise” but sometime it doesn’t work as you want to. Today I will show you how to reduce noise in your images. You’ll be amazed!

Neat Image

Neat Image is an image filter to reduce noise and grain in photographic images produced by digital cameras and scanners. You can use this on Windows, Mac and Linux. It also provides Photoshop plugin. There are free and pro versions. You cannot use for big images or for commercial. I tried free version today!


Step 1, download app on Neat Image website.

Input Image

After you install it, open an image from “Input Image”

Device Noise Profile

Click on “Device Noise Profile” tab. Auto Profile will try to automatically find and analyze a flat featureless image area that contains only noise and no important details.

Noise Filter Settings

And click on “Noise Filter Settings” tab. Adjust Filter Settings to achieve desired level of noise reduction and sharpening.

Output Image

After the processing is completed, save the output image!

How beautiful it is!

How beautiful it is!

Photoshop plugin ver

Photoshop plugin version is also easy to use. After you install plugin, you’ll see “Neat Image” menu under Filter menu.

Photoshop Camera Raw

Another good thing is Adobe Camera Raw plugin for Photoshop. Above Neat Image free version has a limit on size but this plugin doesn’t!

Open in Camera Raw...

At first, open Adobe Bridge and right click on an image that has noise. Select “Open in Camera Raw…”

Click on

Click on “Detail” tab and change a setting “Noise Reduction”. You can compare an original image and filtered image when you on and off “Preview” above. Save image by clicking on “Save Image”


Using Neat Image seems a bit bette quality? However it’s also useful enough!

Compare 3 Images

Compare 3 images

Please compare 3 images! Click and enlarge.

I tried other ways, apps and plugins but I think those 2 ways are the best! Let me know if you know better ways!