Planning a Perfect Website Content

There are many tutorials to design or code your website but one important step is often skipped – planning contents of your website. Let’s think the reason to create a website or who will need that website before you start to work on it!

Step-by-Step Creating a Website Guide: Chapter 1

  • Goal: Organizing information and planning contents
  • Things you need: A piece of paper and a pen
  • Knowledge Requirement: Everyone is welcome

Table of Contents

  1. Planning a Perfect Website Content ←We are here!
  2. Visualize Website Structure – Sitemap
  3. How to Create a Website Wireframe
  4. Photoshop Website Design Tutorial
  5. Slicing Images for Your Website with Photoshop
  6. Guide to HTML Semantic Markup
  7. Basic Process to Apply CSS to Your Website
  8. Let’s Publish Your Website to the World!

What content will be needed by users are the most important. Not what you want to show. So before you start to design, we need to organize ideas, functions and design. If it’s your client website, you should have a lot of time to communicate with them.

About Project

  • What will users get through this website?
  • What is a final goal?
  • Why you need an online website (why it’s not offline?)

Target Users

  • Age-group
  • For male or female
  • Occupation


  • Dynamic or Static
  • Which CMS will be used
  • Functions you need – search box, blog, photo gallery, shopping cart etc

Research Competitor’s webstie

  • Contents
  • Design
  • What kind of users are using that website
  • Things of functions that this website might need

Organizing those information will be easier to figure out what your website needs for your main target users. Thinking and researching about your website before starting will help a lot!

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