Create a Responsive and Multilingual Website in 5 min with Edicy

Edicy is a simple tool for building multilingual websites. Fully functional, completely customizable and affordable tool for creating a website on your own in minutes. No tech skills needed. I tried this tool so let’s have a look how it works!

Feature of Free Plan


Let’s try it anyway. Click on a “Try for Free” button to create a new account. You’ll get a free “” domain but you can buy or import your unique domain name later.

Default Theme

Ta-da! You got your new website with default theme and dummy texts!

Insert Text

Put a cursor on it to edit text or insert image, video etc to create contents.

Insert Map

It’s way to easy to insert a map. Just type an address that you want to show.

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

You can insert a photo gallery with lightbox effect when you click on “+” sign and choose “GALLERY”. Just drag and drop images or choose images from “FILES” at bottom.


When you click on a thumbnail image, you’ll see a bigger size of it with effect.

This is very good feature for photographers who wants their portfolio website.



You can post new articles from “Blog” menu. New blog posts will be displayed in sidebar on a home page.

Contact Form

Contact Form

You can insert contact form easily. Just click on “+” sign and “FORM”.


Validation works well!

Change Theme

Change Theme

There are some free theme. You’ll find your favourite one.

Customize theme

They have original tags so you can customize or create your original theme.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Most of themes are responsive, which means users can see your contents smoothly on any devices.



I think this is the feature that other similar tools don’t have. You can add different languages when you click on “ADD” around language area. It’ll be better if I can duplicate default pages, but it’s easy to localize a website anyway.

Feature of Pro Plan

  • From $9/mo
  • 5 GB storage
  • Unlimited users
  • Add domain
  • Import any design

They offer some free domains for pro users.

There are lots of free blog services but it’s going to be more useful if we can make a static website easily like this. Edicy will help people who want own websites immediately.