Let’s Try a New Design Trend – Polygon Style

The most popular design trend in 2013 would be a flat design. However, actually there is one more new trend – a polygon style. You can create your original polygonal illustrations by Triangulator. I will also share inspirational web design and graphic arts using low-poly!


Creating Low-Poly Illustration Using Triangulator

I found an useful tool triangulator to convert from an image to low-poly illustration!

Looks awesome! Let’s try it out!

Download triangulator by clicking on “You can download sources here.” Open “index.html” by your modern browser like a Google Chrome. You’ll see this screen then drop your image to “Drop your bitmap here” area.

Polygonal illustration
Start by clicking on a link text “Randomly”. Then click and drag points on a canvas. You can adjust opacity when you drag a bar on the left.

Export your image to .svg format when it’s done! Click on “Export” and right click on “this link”. Then select “Save link as…”.

Open svg file that you saved on an Illustrator. You can change colours or delete the piece of illustration.

Polygonal Background Image

Sun flower
Using polygonal illustration as a background would be also good idea! Let’s use this sunflower image.

Create polygonal illustration by the same way above.

Open svg file on an illustrator and add text. Done!

Polygonal Designs and Arts


Dare With Us 2013

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upon a fold

Filidor Wiese

★ Made by Vadim ★

Pinpoint Designs

BeoPlay A3

Android Analyse


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Mandolin Man

Graphic Art

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  1. Kolapomoye. より:

    the software doesn’t save as “SVG” on my system. Just web files. Any thoughts?

  2. Bal より:

    I cant even get to the website? is this the proper link somestuff.ru/triangulator/ ?
    please help.


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