WordCamp London 2013

I joined WordCamp London 2013 on November 23rd 2013 in London! WordCamp is a conference that focuses on everything WordPress which is one of the most popular CMS in the world. I had a great time to know new ideas and see nice people there, so I would like to write review about it.



It costed £25 per ticket which includes below:

  • Stickers and button badges
  • T-shirt
  • Lunch
  • Cakes
  • Drinks
  • 2 Drinks and food at after party

I wore a T-shirt right after I’ve got it :)

The Presentations

How do I know if my WordPress website is accessible?

He described about the basic web accessibility using WordPress. You’ll pick the points what he talked about by above slides. There are some common accessibility issues down into a series of yes/no questions that anyone could ask about their own website. Get these questions right and your website would be more accessible than many.
He also mentioned about accessibility on responsive web design. We definitely need to care about it.

10 Years of WordPress: a Founder’s View

Mike Little who is the co-founder of the WordPress talked about his history with WordPress over the past 10 years. He also cares a lot about the accessibility of WordPress, so he talked what he would have improved on WordPress if he could have fixed it is accessibility on backend.

Lightning Talks

Speakers have just 5 minutes to get their ideas across. They shared about case study like usability on a dashboard or plugins that they developed. Some time they spoke a bit too fast for me because they have a quite few limited time, although they stripped to the bare bones.

After Party

I joined after party at Kings Stores. I had great opportunities to talk to people from Automattic, web designers, developers from many different countries and Mike who is the co-founder of the WordPress there. Every time I’ve got those opportunities, I feel so glad to be able to speak English!

Why Don’t You Join the Events?

You can join the events in your country, or even better to join the events overseas! You’ll see a lot of differences than your place!

I actually have never joined any events in Japan… I’ll be there next year hopefully!



Web制作の最新情報やWebクリエイターボックスからのお知らせ、中の人の近況等を定期的にお送りいたします。 ぜひご登録ください!もちろん無料です! :)