Free “Japanese-ish” Fonts 10 + 1


One of my co-workers said that Japanese characters look like a picture or symbol. I’ve never thought that way but I agreed with it because Arabic or Korean characters look like that for me. And I found some cool fonts, which look like Japanese characters or inspired by Japan. All fonts that I share today are free!

“Look Like Japanese” Fonts

1. TokyoSoft

Donwload (Commercial use allowed)
Katakana-ish alphabet fonts. It looks like a list of “wrong katakana letters” but when I see them closer, I can see alphabet letters. When I write my name, “Mana” with this font, it comes up with “Po ta ka ta” in Katakana!

2. Kaneiwa

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This fonts are inspired by Japanese traditional serif font: Min-cho.

3. Lightmorning

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It’s also Min-cho. It seems the name of “Lightmorning” is from Min-cho. (Min means light, cho means morning) There are lots of Uroko which is the triangular shape found at the end part of a horizontal stroke in Mincho typefaces.

4. Pray for Japan

pray for japan
Donwload (Commercial use allowed)
Hiragana-ish fonts. But they look just like a symbol…

5. Digital ninja

Inspired by Ninja. It looks sharp and like hard to catch it.

6. GoJuOn

Download (The license info is unknown)
The gojuon is a Japanese ordering of kana, loosely a Japanese “alphabetical order” but I have no idea why those scary kanji letters are chosen. “Mana” is showed “猛血魅血” means “gruff, blood and charm” … ??

7. Akihibara hyper

Donwload (Commercial use allowed)
It’s miss spelling but this font is inspired by Akihabara, which is one of the biggest city in Tokyo. Some of letters look Katakana.

8. Origami

Origami (folded paper) font. Symbols are a bit hard to understand?

9. Emperor of japan

The font name is “Emperor of Japan” but looks very cute and friendly… *cough cough*

10. Fat Sushi

fat sushi
It’s get a boost! But it looks more Chinese brush.


It’s not “Japanese-ish” font but I added one more thing because it’s a kind of fun and good for the ending.


Donwload (Commercial use allowed)
“Kinishinai” means “never mind”. Yes, never mind if those fonts are using wrong Japanese letters. Never mind if names of those fonts don’t make any sense. NVM…

Let me know your favourite “other language-ish” fonts ;)