Useful WordPress Plugins for Web Designer and Developer

WordPress is a one of the best blogging tool for everyone. Especially people who are working in the web industry love it. Today I will tell you awesome wordpress plugins for web designers, developers or programmers who want to share their great knowledge on the web!

Key Shortcut Formatter

Key Shortcut Formatter adds one js-file which searches through your blog and adds extra HTML markup to .key-shortcut elements. A stylesheet is added that applies styling to the extra HTML markup. This results in .key-shortcut elements looking somewhat like keyboard buttons.

Surrond text with <code class="key-shortcut"></code>. Use  space + plus + space between each key.

<code class="key-shortcut">Command + V</code>


AddQuicktag makes blogging easy. You can save and quick use your favourite short code. I highly recommend to use this with above Key Shortcut Formatter!

Your short code that you saved is displayed on a “Add Post” page.

SyntaxHighlighter Evolved

SyntaxHighlighter Evolved allows you to easily post syntax-highlighted code to your site without losing it’s formatting or making any manual changes.

[css]Your CSS Code Here...[/css]

You’ll find the list of language that you can use here: Posting Source Code.

BM Shots

BM Shots is a plugin that makes use of WordPress api for automatically creating screenshots of your website. For example, if you want to show…

[browsershot url="" width="640"]

This image will be displayed when that website or screenshot cannot be found.

Creative Commons Configurator

Creative Commons Configurator is the only tool a user will ever need in order to set a Creative Commons License on a WordPress blog and control the inclusion or display of the license information and relevant metadata into the blog pages or the syndication feeds. All configuration is done via a page in the administration panel. Template tags are also available for those who need complete customization.

Set up your Creative Commons licence.

Tick recommended setting…

Your CC licence is in a head area.

At the end of the post. You can arrange colours of text and a background.

WP Keyword Link

WP Keyword Link allows you to define keyword/link pairs. The keywords are automatically linked in each of your posts and comments.

If you want to set a keyword of multibyte characters such as Japanese or Chinese, tick “For zh_CN?”

Auto-hyperlink URLs

Auto-hyperlink URLs seeks to replace and extend WordPress’s default auto-hyperlinking function. This plugin uses different pattern matching expressions than the WordPress default in order to prevent inappropriate adjacent characters from becoming part of the link.

Let me know your favourite plugins!



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